Monday, 13 September 2010

Ayn Rand interview (part 1 of 3)

I once shared a flat with a bloke who was a big Ayn Rand fan who used to leave index cards around the place with quotations from her works. I've read a number of her books in the past (Her prose style makes a Twilight novel look like high literature.), seen the film adaptation of The Fountainhead (which I regard as the most Rifftrax-worthy bit of cinema of the century), and I've come to the conclusion that in Miss Rand I have never in my life seen a better example of a 15-watt bulb pretending to be a lighthouse.

I'm currently ploughing through Atlas Shrugged because the blogs keep mentioning it, so I figure this 1959 interview needs a re-airing.

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  1. "ploughing through" is the right word. The book has some interesting ideas, but trying to form a whole philosophy around it is a mistake. In the end, her "heroes" are just as bad as her villains.